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About TIU Oasis

Tiu Oasis was developed with a vision to create a unique guest experience focusing on comfort within the natural environment.

Our mission is your enjoyment!

We have a simple focus: we want all our guests to have a great time in Kuta. We have a small resort which means we can focus on giving our guests a personal experience. This includes access to our local knowledge on the best spots and activities on the island.

How it all started

Tiu Oasis was developed by Sam and Jesse, two friends from New Zealand. We both left New Zealand to travel in our twenties and then lived in different parts of the world for several years. In 2016 we ended up on holiday at the same time in Kuta, Lombok which made a lasting impression.

We strive to have local partnerships

We wanted to partner with the local village when we decided to develop the land where Tiu Oasis now sits. During the construction phase, we employed only local villages, ordered materials through village suppliers and donated a portion of the development cost to fund local village projects.

Our Amazing Team


Locally sourced Smooth operator

Operations Manager

I was born here in Lombok and I’m grateful to have grown up on this Island! For me living here is all about a balanced lifestyle, which not everyone can get around the world.  My hobbies include running, cycling and dirt biking – basically any outdoor activities!


Used to be A top snowboarder in NZ


I grew up in Auckland, New Zealand and have also lived in Wanaka in the South Island. I love Lombok for the laid back relaxed pace of life and the many consistent top-class surf breaks. 


grew up on a boat in the south pacific


I was born in Auckland, New Zealand and then lived on a yacht sailing around the pacific until I was around 6 years old. I love spear-fishing and scuba diving. Lombok has some incredible dive spots – and the water is typically 28 degrees!



loves fishing and being on the water

Head of Security

I was born in Mandalika, East Lombok and my name is actually Mahrup – but everyone calls me Jhon. In addition to fishing I really enjoy spending time with my family and playing badminton.

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